Jan 10, 2012

Day 10: Childhood

Picnics were the first thing I thought of when I saw today's theme. Followed by Ganesh Chaturti and the annual numaish in Hyderabad.

When I was tiny, the IT revolution hadn't reached Hyderabad. There was so much greenery and the weather was so beautiful throughout the year, except the harsh summer months. In the weekends, my parents would take me to the zoo, Indira Park, Public Gardens, Sanjeevaiah Park, Gandipet, and if it was late in the evening, Tank Bund.

Unfortunately I am not in Hyderabad right now, so I couldn't take a new picture to post today. Instead, here is a picture I shot of Hussain Sagar from Tank Bund last year. We'd often go sit on the benches or the park across the road in the evening, eat ice creams and go home :)

And here are some pictures of super-dorky me on some of our picnics :))


  1. The Hussain Sagar shot is brilliant, and i so agree our times were so much fun, whereas todays kids rarely go out to play.....they are happy with their joysticks and playstations!!

  2. As happy as always. God bless you

  3. How cute is that :))

  4. Thx for the facial routine :) and you know i guess thats one thing we have in common - tons of picnics(being in hyd) My mom made sure we explored and played till we dropped :D

  5. Thanks Prachee :) Yeah, we played a lot more, but I do remember that my cousin and I would literally pull each others hair to have a go at Super Mario lol :)

    Sudhakar - thank you so much :)

    Sharanya, Bubblegum - DORKY not cute :D thanks :))

    Anu - I dint realize you were from Hyderabad too! High-five :))

  6. Having just returned from Hyderabad this morning, I can safely say its a glorious city for photo opportunities..what I noticed in all its big city madness it has a lovely balance of pretty quaint city sights as well as a modern steel and glass look.. I hope it retains this balance in the years to come, and doesn't tip over like Bangalore has.

  7. :) we have something else in common too... u were married on 21st Jan 2010 if i remember correctly? i was married a day later - we had the same challenges because of the bandh :)

  8. nice shot of hussain sagar lake, I shot the same place on a winter morning, just looking white :) http://framesandall.blogspot.com/2011/11/serene.html

  9. Its so much fun revisiting one's childhood especially through old pictures :) now I am going to dig up some of mine :)

  10. Haathitime - you put it so well - that's exactly what I adore about Hyderabad - the mix of the old and the new :)

    Prashanth :P

    Anu - whoaaaaa I vaguely remembered a comment on the blog my husband Ashwin and I used to write together and then abandoned - I went and searched and found your comment!! OMG this is so awesome! We MUST meet up the next time I am in Hyderabad!! You've also made me want to pester Ashwin to revive that blog!

    Thanks Naren :) On my way to check out your blog!

    Purvi - do share them with us on your lovely blog:)

  11. heehee Madhu i think yu just started a loop...
    i went back to your blog(http://iranichaiandfiltercoffee.blogspot.com/2009/12/jab-we-met.html)
    and re-read some of your entries
    you guys really should give a shot at reviving it :)


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